Lunch Orders

Students can order their lunch before school or at recess time at our canteen. There are also snacks available for purchase at recess and lunch times. The canteen is a small business run by the P&C. You are welcome to pay for lunches in advance. Parents and caregivers are always required to assist in the canteen. Please see the canteen manager to offer your support.

Opening hours are 8am to 2pm

Crunch and Sip

Allendale is a Crunch n Sip School. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a healthy fruit or vegetable snack and a drink bottle of water into class to crunch and sip during the morning instructional session (9 am – 11 am). Students are encouraged to bring healthy recess and lunch foods – fresh fruit, vegetables and sandwiches are ideal. No cool drinks are permitted according to the school canteen’s traffic light healthy food system.