Parent Volunteers

Before volunteering at Allendale Primary School please complete the parent and child volunteer declaration form or scan the QR code below.

We are grateful to all the parents who generously volunteer their time and energy to support our school community. In 2023 there has been an important change to the Working with Children Check legislation, which helps keep our students safe.

This change applies to parents who volunteer. You will need to complete ‘Parent and child volunteer declaration form’ before volunteering or continuing to volunteer at our school. You cannot volunteer if you have a current Working with Children Negative Notice or Interim Negative Notice.

Volunteering includes, for example:

  • helping with reading or attending a day excursion
  • presenting an award at an assembly
  • on canteen duty or assisting at a sports carnival
  • conducting P&C duties.

Volunteering does not include, for example:

  • picking up and dropping off your child
  • watching an event, like a school assembly
  • attending a parent and teacher interview
  • visiting the uniform shop.

When you attend the school to volunteer, you will sign in at the front office and we will ask you to complete the form if you have not completed prior. You will be asked to complete the form annually if you want to continue volunteering at the school. If your circumstances change, and you are issued with a Negative Notice or Interim Negative Notice after you complete the form, you need to notify the school and stop volunteering immediately.

A current Working with Children Check is required by all other family members and friends over 18 years of age who want to volunteer.

We believe these changes will contribute to maintaining a safe environment for all our students. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we work together to keep our students safe.